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(Re)Generate Coaching cultivates leadership for individuals stretching into a new leadership role, integrating into a new team or organization, wanting to strengthen their presence for a role they want to step into, or feeling “stuck”.

I offer a safe, heartful space that supports your exploration and inspiration for seeking coaching and to live more richly and fully. Trained and certified by New Ventures West, my approach is a blend of Integral Coaching and somatic work from my own journey as a coach and human.

Working with you as a client is a serious commitment for me. I listen for the development that uniquely wants to occur, and I serve as a guide for your development. I ask that as my client you make the same commitment to your development. Outside of our sessions there will be new practices to explore and reflect upon. Depending on your needs I work with individuals for about 6 months meeting for an hour 2-4 times a month. I prefer to work with you for about 6 months because that is the average time it takes to neurologically hardwire new practices, behaviors, and perspectives.

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(Re)Generate Coaching cultivates high-functioning and effective teams built on the foundation of trust and awareness between all members. With clear, intentional communication, the group develops higher levels of cohesion. The thorough 5 step process culminates in a deeper sense of trust across the team. This deeper trust facilitates internal ownership of the new culture and ensures that the team continues to reinforce it through their communication and actions.

Where we are: The purpose of this step is to develop awareness and respect for oneself and for others. These elements are essential in building two key ingredients in high-high-functioning teams - empathy and emotional intelligence. We begin by assessing where the team is. Then we begin to build team awareness of how they got there. We explore both individual contributions and team patterns. Once consensus on the current state and its root causes exists, we begin to co-create the desired future state.

How we are: This second step results in greater awareness and transparency – individually and collectively. Greater awareness and transparency accelerate learning, discovery, and building an inspiring culture. This deepening in the group’s awareness provides a critical feedback loop for team members and encourages a culture grounded in safety, inclusivity, fearlessness, and shared vulnerability. These attributes are critical due to the fact that most communication is nonverbal.

How we speak: With the growing inspiring culture at this stage, the team uses more proactive and progressive language. This type of language facilitates problem-solving, and encourages more intentional communication and conscious actions. This cultivates the spirit that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. “

How we act: Actions are vitally important. They broadcast what we hold true and how we show up in the world - as individuals and teams. Teams at this stage act with intention and integrity. Their communication also reflects growing awareness of themselves and others in ways that honor differences, celebrate diversity and foster transparency.

How we coalesce: Trust is the foundation of high-functioning teams and at this stage teams integrate the practices from the previous steps. Reinforcing this state of being reinforces the shared vulnerability and fearlessness that results in high creativity, easeful collaboration, and increased productivity.

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